We’re Sprinting! (in spite of “no running in the halls”)

Hello, and welcome to Virtual Harvey Hall! We are now well underway and fully into the swing of things. Harvey is a game, or virtual environment, created through the collaborative work of UW-Stout’s Design 373 class and the English 495 Digital Humanities capstone students. One of UW-Stout’s most historic buildings, Harvey Hall, is undergoing renovations and is also approaching its centennial landmark. The mission of our game, Harvey, is to accurately recreate Harvey Hall, known as the Home Economics building at its creation, as it was in 1916. Our game will allow players to explore Harvey Hall in the past! Users will navigate important parts of Harvey Hall circa 1916 – 1970 in order to learn more about it’s rich, interesting, and well-documented history. It is a trip into the past of Harvey Hall that explains its legacy up until the present.

The end creation of this Virtual Harvey Hall project, a game we are just calling Harvey, will transport the player back in time to 1916, when the building was first created. After the intro cut-scene and storyline opener, the player will then have the option to explore other time periods. The design doc has been finalized, the preparations are in order, and it’s all Harvey all the time.

The development of this project is organized by short sprints, and we are now wrapping up Sprint 2. The sprints are designed to push the project forward, one big step at a time. Our teams have very concrete goals and hard deadlines to meet by the end of each sprint date. At this point we have begun to do some play testing, and we are starting to implement objects and characters into the environment.

The environments and hard surfaces team is already churning out some really compelling content, and the characters and animation team is in the process of bringing the halls to life. For our first post, and Hello World debut, we’ll be sharing some early art and renderings of a few of Harvey’s environments.

Aerial view of Harvey Hall

Check out the aerial view of Harvey Hall (the one in the right corner if you’re unfamiliar).

Now check out what the artists are working on!

Art created by Jake Mairet

In Harvey, the player will navigate first by interacting with a 3D diorama, much like the early render you see above. You’ll get to twist and turn this diorama before settling on a room you’d be curious to enter. Select a room, click on it, and run wild exploring the building. An example is the library. We’re very excited about our early renderings. Take a look at the side-by-side comparison.

pic 2

Art created by Zack Pasterski

The walls and objects appear flat and gray for now. We’ll be working on textures and colors soon! Other rooms we have cooking are a textile room–featuring some high-class objects, the theater, the main entrance, and some hallways.

Stay tuned, and let us know what you think!